SBC Rating Brute Forcer ⚽️

How to use this tool

Say you want to complete a squad-building challenge that requires an 84 squad rating, and you have an 85 Verratti and 80 Jesé that you'd like to use.

  1. Verratti and Jesé have ratings of 85 and 80, so you'd enter 85,80 in step #1 below.
  2. You need to have an 84-rated squad, so your "Target Squad Rating" in step #2 is 84
  3. The "Player ratings to try" fields are where you set the range for which to generate squad combinations. If you enter 83 to 85, for example, the calculator will calculate all possible combinations that give you an 84 squad rating with 83 to 85 rated players, in addition to your 85 and 80 rated players that you entered in step 1.
  4. Once you press calculate, a table will appear underneath
  5. The table contains the calculated combinations of players (9 in this example), that need to be bought/used in addition to your players from step #1 that will give you your target squad rating (84). Each column is a player rating (83, 84, 85 in this case). Each row is a combination that will give you your target squad rating. For example, this example contains a row that has 6, ,3. This means that you can use 6 83-rated players and 3 85-rated players (in addition to your current 85 and 80) to get a squad rating of 84.

Step 1:

Enter the ratings of the cards you want to use for this SBC, separated by a comma. (Minimum 1 required)

Step 2:

Player ratings to try

Note: Choosing a large range of player ratings will take a long time.

Step 3: Set prices (Optional)


Will try to find combinations of {{ 11-squad.length }} players rated between {{ bottom }}-{{ top }} to join your {{ squad }} rated players to achieve a rating of {{ target }}.

{{ rating }} rated players Price
{{ option[rating] || '' }} {{ option.price || '' }}

Updated formula based on this post by ChairmanMeowwww on reddit